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Podpages - great for podcasters

Promote your podcast with a mini-site

In much the same way that this site is a great way to promote our main website, having a mini podcast dedicated site can be the perfect way to get extra engagement with your podcasts.

Podpage does just that, it is very easy to use sitebuilder that picks up your podcasts RSS feed and quickly turns it into a fully working promotional website.

It does just what it says on the tin.

Just take a look at the above panel, and you can imagine the benefit it gives, lots of competing podcasting directories all looking to entice your audience to use which ever one they prefer.

We are a bit stuck in our ways so we stick with Apple podcasts, but some of the other sites in the list are really great too.

Check out some of them and get a feel for what is available.

Anyway we really recommend you take a look at this site, if you are a podcaster then its a no brainer, spend 5 mins working through their site building wizard and you are up and live in no time.

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