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    Adrian Lawrence on Strikingly

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    Brass Kangaroo Blog

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    FD Capital

    FD Business Site

    Article Alley

    Report and Accounts

    Recruit Sleuth


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    We are a great team

    Always over delivering and enjoying working together, happy and cool

    Compelling Media is a technology and business solution provider based in Telford Shropshire UK, we also have an office presence in London

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    We develop websites of our own and promote them creating income and long term value, we employee designers, codes and content writers all dedicated to creating the best solutions we can.


    Our main website can be found here, its called Reporting Accounts and offers free UK business information.


    If you wish to arrange an engagement, please CONTACT US

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on the UK Business World

    February 15, 2021
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  • Our Work

    We work on our own sites and don't work for third parties


    We produce everything in house including podcasts and Youtube videos youtu.be/j3RRJT5tqag

    Case Competition

    We are always on the look out for interesting people to join out team

  • Meet Our Team

    2013 - 2018 Compelling Media Ltd

    Adrian Lawrence


    Kevin Qian

    Principal of Consulting

    Joanne Loughlin

    Principal of Human Resources

    Walter Koenig

    Principal of Business Development

    Tanuska Bredun

    Engagement Manager

    Jake Hudson

    Engagement Manager

    Philip Purpani

    Engagement Manager

    Aleka Kontroplie

    Engagement Manager

  • Around the web

    Around the web

    We can be found in a few interesting places around the web

    Linktr - a great mobile bookmarker

    Webnode - a mini site for Reporting Accounts

    Github - the awesome coding repository.

    Crunchbase - The great investor directory and news site.

    Gravatar - Our profile.

    Eventbrite - Our free seminar in Dec 21

    There's more

    and more places too.

    liinks - another bookmark service

    Compelling Media on Blogpost - Our blogger blog.

    Dribble background - Enjoyed working on this design.

    Trello - Our team use this from time to time.

    Castovers - Podcasting followers

    How to Find a Part Time FD - Recruitment professionals.

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