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Europages - a great place to list

Get found across Europe

We recently found a very strong pan european directory called Europages, what is impressive about this directory is that your listing gets translated into the different languages in use across the EU, and a listing appears not only in your home country but in each directory they run across the European Union.

The UK is no longer a part of the EU, but they retain the version of their directory

Europages UK - Our own UK market place, this version is focussed onto the UK

Europages CZ - Their Czech site

Europages DK - The Danish version

Europages DE - Targetting the German speaking world, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

There is a much larger list making up the rest of their network, but the above should give you a taster idea of what they offer.

Europages is a leading online directory that caters for the European business community, the company behind the site is called Visable which is a pretty good name for a business seeking to improve the visibility of companies on the internet.

They claim to have 2.4million buyers per month across 15 languages and receive around 3,000 business listing per month. The idea is simply you create a listing in your home country and the site and its team translates that and uses it across 15 other sites which are all in the language of their target audience.

What I like about the site is that your listing once it gets picked up by the Search Engines appears prominently in the SERPS.

Back in the day, Google hit directories hard, but the ones they targetted were little more than a list of links, whereas Europages seems to be much better than this.

It's a great place to find contacts across the European market and there seems to be a very large database of companies behind the site networks.

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