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We run many websites and add more as we go along, some are minisites, some blogs other our main focus of work, this blog page reviews some of them and highlights areas of particular importance.

Main Sites

Reporting Accounts this is the focus of our day to day work at the moment, we have over 4.3million UK companies listed and the database is refreshed monthly at present, we combine together data from 38 sites but only a few are currently live, the rest are in development. Our longer term aim is to offer free credit opinions and reports which currently are charged for on a monthly basis by many of our competitors. We are building our own alogorithm that analysis company financial data. Meanwhile the focus of this site is building traffic so we have an income stream to offset / support our development phase. We are also considering crowdfunding as a way to pay for the development.

Article Alley - This site was huge back in its day having 2million user generated pages of content and around 500,000 members. Sadly we got hit when Google moved against content farms in its 2010 Google Panda update. We however have plans to recover back leveraging the huge link popularity that site still enjoys.

Going Legal - this is currently being rebuild using wordpress and we hope to capitalise on its niche legal category and the fact that advertising in this area pays well.

Bermudian Life - I moved to Bermuda on the back of the success of Article Alley but had to return to the UK to work when the income from that site was smashed by the Google Panda update. This blog keeps me sane and connected to the island where I still have a home.

Lets Ski More - Well the name says it all, I love skiing and this is my hobby site where I from time to time write about skiing and the resort I have visited or wish to visit.


Bloglovin - I have my own section on that great site.


Reddit - I post often on there sometimes every day at the moment.


As you can see we have a good number of sites and many more that are not mentioned here, as time goes by and I have time, I'll update this blog with more posts and more updates on our progress back to living the dream!



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