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User generated content has changed a lot

Back in 2004 the world was very different for content publishers, there were publishing sites but not as many as today and their quality was often lower than what we see around in 2019.

This is not surprising as Google who dominate this niche, introduced an update known as Panda in 2011 which hit lower quality sites hard. Many of the best sites from that time are no longer with us.

But one really good one has re-invented itself and is back enjoying its glory days again, that is a well know one and is called Article Alley

It's back end has been rebuilt and it now allows for comments, videos and picture in a far better way than it ever did when it was at the height of its previous success back in 2010.

If you publish in places like Medium, then you may wish to revist Article Alley and take a look for yourself at how great it now is again.

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