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Great Part Time FD roles

We have something of an embarassment of riches at the moment, a lot more great candidates for Part Time Finance Director roles than companies looking for this niche, we are discussing this as an alternative option with companies seeking more traditional FD roles as they are finding there is a candidate shortage!

Being a part time FD is a great alternative it means you get more time for your other interests such as golf, sailing or family time, perfect during school holidays, and the pay rate is higher on a daily rate basis than regular work so you can earn the same whilst working less hours / days per week.

From an employers point of view there are many benefits also, you get a very experienced FD who would not necessarily work for an SME, the daily rate whilst high means that the total employment cost is lower. Often there is a requirement from a private equity provider to have a suitable FD and this route allows you to comply with that requirement.

Typically a part time FD can get more done and be more proactive in part time hours than some full time ones.

So don't delay talk with us today!

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