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Brasskangaroo joins our stable of sites

A fresh content site that takes on board all we have learnt since 2011

We are please to announce that we have a new site in our network its in the development phase at the moment but we expect to be follow live and in production during 2019.

The new site is based on our successful Article Alley site which was popular in 2004-2011 pre Panda we have taken on board all the changes that have happened in the near 8 years since then, designed a new site which recognises all the issues behind the Google Panda update and takes into account not only those but our own experiences since then both as a user and a content marketing company.

There are many great features including Lists, Videos and of course high quality content supported by images and videos.

During 2019 we will be recruiting a new team of professional in house authors to write content in house supporting our growing loyal authors.

We are confident of success with our new site. Join us now whilst it is free and build up your own professional content section

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