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    Compelling Media is a technology and business solution provider based in Telford Shropshire UK, we also have an office presence in London

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    We develop websites of our own and promote them creating income and long term value, we employee designers, codes and content writers all dedicated to creating the best solutions we can.


    Our main website can be found here, its called Reporting Accounts and offers free UK business information.


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    The year started in a robust fashion but as time has progressed there has been a growing uncertainty related to Brexit, this has meant that senior finance roles are more slow to come forward and a little hard to close for candidates. Nevertheless there is a good supply of new enquiries, we are...
    Back in 2004 the world was very different for content publishers, there were publishing sites but not as many as today and their quality was often lower than what we see around in 2019. This is not surprising as Google who dominate this niche, introduced an update known as Panda in 2011 which...
    We have something of an embarassment of riches at the moment, a lot more great candidates for Part Time Finance Director roles than companies looking for this niche, we are discussing this as an alternative option with companies seeking more traditional FD roles as they are finding there is a...
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    2013 - 2018 Compelling Media Ltd

    Adrian Lawrence


    Kevin Qian

    Principal of Consulting

    Joanne Loughlin

    Principal of Human Resources

    Walter Koenig

    Principal of Business Development

    Tanuska Bredun

    Engagement Manager

    Jake Hudson

    Engagement Manager

    Philip Purpani

    Engagement Manager

    Aleka Kontroplie

    Engagement Manager

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